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Lough Neagh Artisans Gourmet Hamper



Lough Neagh Artisans was set up in 2019 simply to promote the amazing produce we have surrounding Lough Neagh. We are all within 10 miles from the lough and produce everything using local ingredients. Our Lough Neagh Artisans Gourmet Hamper is packed with great foodie delights and is a perfect present for friends or family. We can ship this hamper to anywhere in the UK and Ireland or if you’d like to go further abroad please call our Farm Shop for a quote.

 The Contents of this Lough Neagh Artisans Gourmet Hamper are as follows:

  • Hillstown Brewery Horny Bull Stout
  • Harnetts 250ml Rapeseed Oil
  • Brambleberry Salted Caramel Sauce
  • Brambleberry Spiced Beetroot Relish
  • Bakehouse Christmas Cake
  • Crosskeys Miniature Whiskey
  • Crosskeys Whiskey Glass


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