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Free Range Whole Chicken

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Large Free Range Chicken (Whole)

Free range chicken is the only chicken that makes it into our online butcher, which means that you are getting great quality as well as flavour.  Our customers always choose slow grown and able enjoy the fresh Northern Ireland air chickens! Above all, its because they taste better.  Far better, for instance, than a barn reared bird.

Not only do the meat and eggs of freerange chickens taste better, they are also healthier. They have higher levels of nutrients and less fat. Freerange chickens have 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat and 28% fewer calories than their factory-farmed counterparts.

Chickens are high in protein and low in fat making them ideal as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Just 100g of cooked chicken breast will give you a whopping 31g of protein against just 3g of fat.

Customers really can taste the difference in these free roaming, extra meaty birds.

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