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Corndale Farm Charcuterie was established in 2012 by Alistair Crown, with the aim to produce top-quality pork from his herd of rare-breed, free-range pigs.  In 2012 he started with 4 Saddleback pigs and fell in love with keeping pigs and processing their own meat.

The herd quickly grew and within 1 year had increased the herd size to 30 pigs. They then invested in breeding stock and today breed all our own meat pigs which ensures full tractability.

As they have a closed herd, there is little chance of disease therefore do not routinely vaccinate or administer antibiotics. At Corndale Farm Charcuterie they are passionate about high welfare for the pigs. Alistair also believes their methods of farming are sustainable and kind to both animals and the environment.

They currently keep between 80 – 100 pigs at any time and ensure all the pigs are free range, 12 months of the year and enjoy a natural cereal diet sourced locally and supplemented with local vegetables. All the pigs are Happy Pigs!


In 2016 they spotted a gap in the market for N Ireland made charcuterie. So they set about developing their own air dried Spanish style Chorizo. It was the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and received massive demand and over-whelming feedback from local chefs and restaurateurs. They now produce a number of charcuterie products including Chorizo, Chilli Chorizo, Salami and whole muscle cuts.

All Corndale Farm Charcuterie come in packs of 0.125kg each.

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Chorizo, Chilli Chorizo, Fennel Salami, All Three


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