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Beer Fed Silverside/Topside


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Beer Fed Silverside/Topside

Beer Fed Silverside/Topside, that is the question!?

There’s not a lot of difference really. The Beer Fed Silverside is a nice lean roast and perfect if you’re not keen on fat subsequently there’s a little fat in the Beer Fed Topside which adds to the flavour, especially as it melts into the meat during cooking.

Its really up to you to choose what you prefer.

Our microbrewery at Hillstown produces amazing stout which is fed to our very happy Shorthorn cattle and provides us with a very succulent and tender Kobe style beef. Our beef is all dry aged for 28 days on the bone and butchered by our team at Hillstown Farm. Silverside and Topside are great roasting joints for any special occasion or even for making an awesome beef sandwich.

How much Beer fed Silverside/Topside do you need?

Well this is always a tricky question but we generally go for 1/2 lb for each adult and add an extra 1lb for the cooking reduction and you can’t go far wrong.

How long does it take to cook?

Another tricky one, just depends on how you like it cooked. The best way is to purchase a temperature probe and aim for the following

Med/Rare- 45 Celsius

Med – 55 Celsius

Well Done-70 Celsius


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