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Beer Fed Fillet Steak


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Beer Fed Fillet Steak.

For our most tender of steaks choose our 28 days dry aged beer fed beef fillet steak, its almost described as being butter soft. You could literally cut it with a spoon. We only use Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus cattle from Hillstown Farm. This is simply for the the high quality of flavour and tenderness of the beef. We hand pick only the best prime cattle to be fed Stout and brewers grains from Hillstown Brewery. The results are an even more tender and flavoursome beef.

The way I love to cook my perfect beer fed fillet steak is quite simple. Get your frying pan on full heat and add a little splash of Broighter Rapeseed Oil and wait till its smoking hot. Season the Fillet Steaks with a little salt and pepper. Carefully add the Steak to the hot pan and don’t touch for 4 minutes and turn over and leave for another 4 minutes. This is perfect for a Medium cooked steak but if you prefer rare then 2 minutes each side or well done keep turning for another 4 minutes each side. Don’t forget to rest your steak for at least 5 minutes before serving.

Pure, Simple and Delicious!

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