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  • Marinated Sheets of Baby Pork Ribs

    BBQ Marinated Spare Ribs

    BBQ Marinated Spare Ribs These succulent BBQ Marinated Spare Ribs will make your mouth water. We have all the hard and messy work done so all you need to do is fire them onto a BBQ or into your oven … Read More
    not rated £3.50
  • Pork Bone in loin

    Bone-In Pork Loin

    Bone-In Pork Loin Our rare breed pigs have got the most amazing Bone-in Pork Loin. Just enough fat to keep them succulent whilst roasting and helps enhance the flavours. With the bone in to hold the flavours and the skin … Read More
    not rated £2.25£2.90
  • Corndale Farm Chorizo

    Corndale Farm Charcuterie

    Corndale Farm Charcuterie was established in 2012 by Alistair Crown, with the aim to produce top-quality pork from his herd of rare-breed, free-range pigs. ┬áIn 2012 he started with 4 Saddleback pigs and fell in love with keeping pigs and … Read More
    not rated £5.50£15.00
  • Gammon Steaks Hillstown Farm Shop

    Gammon Steaks

    Gammon Steaks Our Gammon Steaks are all cured at Hillstown Farm and come from our own rare breed pigs. They’re easy to cook and great with chunky chips and pineapple on the side. Steaks are 8oz in weight.
    not rated £1.95
  • Hillstown Farm Shop Pork Chops

    Marinated Pork Chops

    Marinated Pork Chops Try these delicious marinated pork chops from the award winning Hillstown Farm Shop. Choose from plain, BBQ, Chinese or Spanish Garlic Priced per pork chop.
    not rated £1.25
  • Pork & Apple Burgers

    Pork and Apple Burgers

    Pork and Apple Burgers Our rare breed pork and apple burgers are made using cuts from pork shoulder and pork belly. We add a little pinch of salt and pepper and brambly apples. Extremely delicious and a handy treat!
    not rated £1.25£2.50
  • Belly Pork

    Rare Breed Pork Belly

    Rare Breed Pork Belly Pigs have been a massive part of Hillstown Farm for the past 100 years. Farmer Francis has almost 70 years pig farming experience. Because we’ve had many different breeds over the years we have now settled … Read More
    not rated £3.65£7.30
  • Rolled Pork Loin

    Rolled Pork Loin

    Rolled Pork Loin From our rare breed pigs at Hillstown the Rolled Pork Loin is the best pork roasts you can get. With the crackling on top its an added bonus for an amazing roast.
    not rated £4.29£12.89
  • Smoked Bacon

    Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon

    Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon Our dry cured smoked back bacon is all cured by our butchers at Hillstown Farm. We cure the traditional way by rubbing in the salts and turning it by hand which produces a very popular … Read More
    not rated £2.45£9.75
  • Short Pork Loin

    Spare Ribs

    Spare Ribs Our spare ribs are just crying out to be marinated. The ultimate in sticky finger food! Perfect for the BBQ or simply slow cooking in the oven, these little treats are so so tasty.
    not rated £3.25£6.50