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    Butterfly Lamb Leg

    Butterfly Lamb Leg Our butterfly lamb leg come de-boned and ready to marinate for the oven or perfect for the BBQ. 4lb would be perfect for a family of 8. All our Lambs are free range and grass fed at … Read More
    not rated £7.50£30.00
  • Hillstown Lamb Steak

    Lamb Leg Steaks

    Lamb Leg Steaks These extremely delicious and succulent lamb leg steaks are perfect for grilling or frying. All our lamb is grass only finished, producing a very clean pure lamb. We are very passionate about high welfare and sustainable farming. … Read More
    not rated £1.96£3.27
  • Hillstown Lamb Loin Chop

    Lamb Loin Chops

    Lamb Loin Chops These lamb loin chops are very popular, tender and sweet due to our lambs being grass finished and unforced. Lamb chops are such a versatile meat and should be cooked over a high heat, quickly, and can … Read More
    not rated £1.75£2.60
  • Lamb Shoulder Chops

    Lamb Shoulder Chops

    Lamb Shoulder Chops These lamb shoulder chops are big and meaty. They come from our grass fed lambs which are slow grown for maximum flavour.  They are so versatile as can be grilled, slow cooked in the oven or used … Read More
    not rated £2.37£3.55
  • Diced Lamb Hillstown Farm Shop

    Lean Diced Lamb

    Lean Diced Lamb Our Lean Diced Lamb comes from the shoulder and will make a delicious stew or curry. This grass fed lamb is all produced at Hillstown Farm and slow grown to provide succulent lamb. Its perfect for a … Read More
    not rated £2.00£8.00
  • Lamb Mince Hillstown Farm Shop

    Lean Lamb Mince

    Lean Lamb Mince All our Lean Lamb Mince comes from our farm here at Hillstown. We are very fortunate to be able to produce grass very easily and allows us to grow lambs without the need of grain. This produces … Read More
    not rated £1.99£7.95
  • Online Butcher NI Rack of Lamb

    Rack of Lamb

    Rack of Lamb The Rack of Lamb is sweetest of all roasts, perfect for that special occasion. Our grass fed lambs from the meadows of Hillstown Farm are pure, lean and tasty!
    not rated £6.60£9.86