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  • 10 x 1lb Steak Pieces

    10 X 1lb Steak Pieces

    10 X 1lb Steak Pieces Our braising beef comes from the shoulder and is packed in 10 x 1lb Steak Pieces packs. It is perfect for a winter warming stew. Make great savings when compared to the purchase of these … Read More
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  • 5 x 1lb 28 Day Dry Aged Steaks

    5 X 1lb Rump Steak

    5 X 1lb Rump Steak A very flavoursome and versatile steak. We will pack them in 5 X 1lb Rump Steak Packs. Perfect for stir frys, BBQs or a quick casserole. Make great savings when compared to buying the same … Read More
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  • Online Butcher NI Beef Shin

    Beef Shin

    Beef Shin A truly delicious winter warmer. These beef shin are perfect for a slow cooked stew or even better for a hearty soup.
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  • Beer Fed Sirloin Steaks

    Beer Fed Sirloin Steaks. Our Beer Fed Sirloin Steaks are a firm favourite amongst our Hillstown customers. The steaks come from Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus beef cattle that are produced at Hillstown Farm. Our farm here is perfect for growing … Read More
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  • Shorthorn Cow and Calf

    Hillstown Farm Blog Posts

    Hillstown Farm Blog Posts We’ve been writing a selection of Hillstown Farm Blog Posts letting you get a closer look into what we do. Hope you enjoy..   What we do at Hillstown Farm. Well this is my first Hillstown … Read More
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  • Sale!

    Hillstown Premium Steak Pack

    Hillstown Premium Steak Pack, Limited Time 15% Discount Why not treat yourself to one of our legendary Hillstown Premium Steak Pack filled with Hillstown Farm signature beer-fed steaks.We select the best Shorthorn and Angus heifers to be beer fed where … Read More
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    Hillstown Steak Mince Online Butcher NI

    Lean Steak Mince

    Lean Steak Mince Here at Hillstown Farm Shop we only use prime Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn beef cattle. These have been grass fed on our low lying meadows overlooking Slemish mountain. We believe that a grass based diet is as … Read More
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  • Hillstown Online Butcher Pot Roast

    Pot Roast

    Pot Roast This very flavoursome Pot Roast comes from the shoulder of our Shorthorn beef. Perfect for slow roasting.
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  • Hillstown beer fed ribeye Steak

    Rib-eye Steak

    Our Rib-eye Steak come from our grass fed Shorthorn Beef cattle at Hillstown Farm. We pride ourselves in producing quality traditional breeds that are perfectly marbled to produce very tasty beef. The finest of these high marbled cuts have to … Read More
  • Online Butcher Rolled Brisket

    Rolled Brisket

    Rolled Brisket Our Rolled Brisket are ideal for slow cooking due to the immense flavours. A very old fashioned cut which is extremely well marbled and great texture! These briskets come from our Angus and Shorthorn cattle here at Hillstown … Read More
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  • Hillstown Farm Shop Silverside

    Silverside Roast

    Silverside Roast This Silverside Roast are all dry aged for 28 days which produces very tender, juicy and delicious beef. Its a great lean roast for everyday and makes an amazing roast beef sandwich! Our beef comes from the Angus … Read More
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