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The sausage is without doubt, one of the most versatile meats to found in your fridge.  Family classics like bangers & mash, or sausage & chips, or slow cooker dishes like sausage casserole, they are essential in any busy household.  Classic pork sausage, or delicious flavours such as mango & lime or sweet chilli, the choice is yours.  Our multi-award winning sausages will have everyone at the table licking their lips.

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  • Award Winning Pork Sausages

    Award Winning Pork Sausage

    Award Winning Pork Sausage Our pork sausages are past Northern Ireland Champions and we only use pork from our own free range pigs to make these award winning sausages.
    not rated £3.50£14.00
  • Hog & Haggis Sausages

    Hog & Haggis Sausage

    Hog & Haggis Sausage Our sausages are made using only rare breed Hillstown farm pigs, we combine this with Scottish Champion Haggis to produce very delicious sausages! They come slightly bigger than a normal sausage with around 5-6 sausages to … Read More
    not rated £3.50£14.00
  • Pork & Leek Sausages

    Pork & Leek Sausage

    Pork & Leek Sausage A popular sausage using award winning pork and great Irish leeks. We never use additives or preservatives in our sausages, we like to keep it natural and local.
    not rated £3.50£14.00
  • Pork & Chilli Sausage

    Pork & Sweet Chilli Sausage

    Pork & Sweet Chilli Sausage A great breakfast sausage! Perfectly sweet and not overly hot, one of my favourites!
    not rated £3.50£14.00
  • Pork Mango & Lime Sausage Hillstown Online Butcher

    Pork, Lime & Mango Sausage

    Pork, Lime & Mango Sausage With our rare breed pork shoulder, rip mangos, limes and salt and pepper, these sausages are pretty simple but extremely delicious! Idea for a tasty casserole. Slightly thicker than a normal sausage and come as … Read More
    not rated £3.50£14.00