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  • Pork Bone in loin

    Bone-In Pork Loin

    Bone-In Pork Loin Our rare breed pigs have got the most amazing Bone-in Pork Loin. Just enough fat to keep them succulent whilst roasting and helps enhance the flavours. With the bone in to hold the flavours and the skin … Read More
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  • Buy Pork Online NI

    Home Cured Gammon

    Home Cured Gammon A Hillstown Home Cured Gammon is simply a must for a perfect Christmas dinner. It’s just as important as the Free Range Turkey. Our gammon’s are produced here at Hillstown and from pure rare breed pigs. We … Read More
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  • Belly Pork

    Rare Breed Pork Belly

    Rare Breed Pork Belly Pigs have been a massive part of Hillstown Farm for the past 100 years. Farmer Francis has almost 70 years pig farming experience. Because we’ve had many different breeds over the years we have now settled … Read More
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  • rare breed pork fillet

    Rare Breed Pork Fillet

    Rare Breed Pork Fillet Our rare breed pork fillet comes from our Middle White pigs that have been finished at Hillstown Farm. These pork fillets are super handy to cook and are tender and delicious. Check our these delicious recipes … Read More
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  • Rolled Pork Loin

    Rolled Pork Loin

    Rolled Pork Loin From our rare breed pigs at Hillstown the Rolled Pork Loin is the best pork roasts you can get. With the crackling on top its an added bonus for an amazing roast.
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