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  • Diced Lamb Hillstown Farm Shop

    Lean Diced Lamb

    Lean Diced Lamb Our Lean Diced Lamb comes from the shoulder and will make a delicious stew or curry. This grass fed lamb is all produced at Hillstown Farm and slow grown to provide succulent lamb. Its perfect for a … Read More
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  • Lamb Mince Hillstown Farm Shop

    Lean Lamb Mince

    Lean Lamb Mince All our Lean Lamb Mince comes from our farm here at Hillstown. We are very fortunate to be able to produce grass very easily and allows us to grow lambs without the need of grain. This produces … Read More
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  • Hillstown Lamb Shanks

    Prime Lamb Shanks

    Prime Lamb Shanks These Prime Lamb Shanks are from our Lamb and is all grass fed at Hillstown Farm and is as pure and natural as it gets. We’re fortunate at Hillstown to have a farm that grows grass extremely … Read More
    not rated £4.49