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  • Online Butcher NI Fillet Steak

    Fillet Steak

    Fillet Steak Our most tender of steaks are produced by our own Shorthorn cattle at Hillstown Farm and are dry aged for over 28 days. A very special treat all year round
    not rated £4.09£12.27
  • Online Butcher NI Frying Steaks

    Frying/Minute Steaks

    Frying/Minute Steaks These dry aged frying steak are super easy to cook because they simply take a few minutes! Perfect for the BBQ or in a steak sandwich.
    not rated £0.99£1.99
  • Hillstown Farm Shop Rump Steak

    Rump Steak

    Rump Steak Rump Steak is an everyday Steak which is tender and great value and would not be out of place in many top Steakhouses. We dry aged on the bone these Rump Steaks to enhance the flavour and make … Read More
    not rated £2.55£5.11
  • Hillstown Farm Sirloin Steak

    Sirloin Steak

    Sirloin Steak Our sirloins have been dry aged for a minimum of 28 days and sometimes for longer. A very tender and delicious steak which is best fried with pepper sauce and chunky chips!
    not rated £4.68£7.81
  • Hillstown Farm Shop T Bone Steak

    T-Bone Steak

    T-Bone Steak Our Shorthorn dry aged T-Bone is the ultimate feast! An extremely tender fillet and a succulent sirloin all together on the bone make this a very delicious steak. Awesome to share but even better for yourself!
    not rated £7.95£9.09